Ok this isn’t the first time I’ve offered my .02 cents and it’s not likely the last time either. Like a lot of author bloggers I have a lot of opinions you can definitely take or leave. And lord knows why we need one more writer adding to the pile of already unread books, blogs, tweets, dedications and acknowledgements. But what the hell? It’s only the cost of a shave and a haircut if you get my drift. Just .02 cents right? And it’s mine. Until it’s yours. And then you can have it. No joke. How’s that for a bargain. I’m giving you my .02 cents free of charge just for clicking or reading or whatever that is you call what you’re doing right now if in fact anyone is doing it.

You know it’s in the same category as a penny for your thoughts, right? I mean does anyone ever actually give you that penny for your thoughts? We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person. So .35 cents a minute ain’t nothing. I’d actually prefer pieces of eight honestly, but my opinion isn’t quite worth that.

My thoughts are more in the category of “that and a subway token will get you on the subway” or the more recently updated “that and a metrocard will get you on the subway.”

Or as some people say “ideas come cheap.” Certainly mine do.

Now usually the .02 cents offer is to made to lessen the impact of a contentious statement with a level of self deprecation. Of course sometimes it’s sarcastic. Neither is true in my case.

I’m trying to simply slip in a few random thoughts into that massive river of human discourse – the kind of thing I used to write into the television series I worked on like Clarissa Explains it All, Ren & Stimpy and Rugrats. Now I slip that kind of thing into my novels. Like my new one Being Audrey Hepburn and tons of it in the next novel Things I Can’t Explain. Shockingly I have a few micropayments worth of ideas left over. So I don’t know what your time is worth for an attention deficit of .02 cents but since you don’t actually have to pay for it how bad can it be?

So I’ll be writing more soon about all and sundry like Clarissa, Audrey, writing, procrastination and more. Please feel free to ask any questions and give my your .02 cents in return. I’ll take more if you have it to give! Now it seems like I’m begging.

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