now is the time to watch fox news in paroxysms of angst over their talking points. this is totally worth watching. here patrick buchanan an old style conservative – which means he’s actually studied history and not blather – talks startlingly honestly to sean hannity who acts like a child. disrespectful too. “i think you’re hysterical sean,” buchanan says as he lays the blame for isis and iraq at bush’s feet. hanity tells buchanan that he “sounds just like obama.”

i heard the other day someone say regarding the indiana and arkansas religious freedom laws that what we’re actually dealing with is a right wing insurgency to what has been essentially a forward moving administration. what is truly amazing is that obama hasn’t been paralyzed and has moved the ball doggedly forward at every step despite obstruction. we’re actually addressing problems in new ways as opposed the cheney mccain bush knee jerk desire to go to war. and pat buchanan knows. sean should read his book and go back to school. that’s

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