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happy kitchen – Pizza (It tastes like real pizza)

EQUALLY DISTURBING. and there’s a whole industry here. wait for the next one it’s the weirdest.

▼ウインナー = wiener (literal translation) = sausage▼ (1) Product name: ハッピーキッチン ミックスピザ (It cost 253 yen) Brand: Kracie *It called 知育菓子 “Intellectual training can…

Mini Food cake 食べれるミニチュア いちごのケーキ

THIS IS KINKY AND WEIRD!! courtesy of tess kriegman i am about to post the weirdest thing i’ve ever posted on facebook. it just has to be some kind of deeply sublimated emotional and sexual dysfunction. even the sound recording is EERIE. and there are soooo many more!

食べれるミニチュア、今回はいちごのケーキ♪ We produce edible miniature dishes. All of the kichien we use, cooking ingredients, small articles are bought in Japan. As we don’t use…

Supercar – Episode 1 – Rescue (Pt1)

Ok I just realized who Ted Cruz reminds me of – Captain Scarlet from Supercar –

Supercar, a 1960’s kids TV show, pioneered by Gerry Anderson. Using supermarionation, a form of filming. Episode 1, Supercar is born after seven years hard w…

Sen. Ted Cruz announces presidential bid, vows to ‘stand for liberty’

admit it – let’s be honest this is some AMAZINGLY good news – for saturday night live – shooting fish in a barrel even i can do an imitation.


Decades Before YouTube, Video Pioneers Captured Turbulent Era

what happened to those babies? are they media moguls now?

congratulations to skip blumberg, bart friedman, nancy kain, dee dee halleck, et al for decades belated praise for being groundbreaking in the most laid back way and i’m glad to have had a footnote part. benefitting from your embrace. i also learned how to make beer beef stew up there. love seeing the sony portapak camera bart is holding.

In the pre-digital age, shooting video was unwieldy and expensive. But in the late 1960s, storytellers calling themselves “Videofreex” used the first portable video recorders to film a changing world.


in the farmers market my mitchell-centric universe expands! sweet! heirloom! gotta love it!

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Flavorpill presents CLARISSA Fest! – Events — Housing Works

hope to see you there!

Mitchell Kriegman and Neena Beber, creator and headwriter of 90s cult classic CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. With Pilot Viruet.


snook and me and the st. p parade! you should have seen the faces i hope they weren’t for me and my hat

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Unfriended – Official Trailer (HD)

ok this is appropriately creepy in and of itself i don’t even need the movie.

Unfriended – Official Trailer (HD) In Theaters April 17 Ushering in a new era of horror, Universal Pictures’ Unfriended unfol…

Cinderella, Ever After (And After, And After, And After)

irritating “on point” on npr about cinderella. further i have to say tom ashbrook was being particularly obtuse and dismissive of the criticism of the movie and disney as if that sugar and pink is just fine and you were all spoiling some tea party without a lick of respect for the juggernaut of banality. that even for disney was more banal than ever before. in fact i’d bet the word came down from consumer products with strict guidelines on what to see and show. and not to make jokes or snicker. it was like watching some of the old time mattel commericals where they animated the toys and sold them as television series. peggy charren is rolling in her grave. maybe she’ll thrust her hand up from down there and strangle this cinderella for all of us.

Cinderella is back again, Disney-style. We’ll look at the origins of the Cinderella story.