come on all you controversy loving mountain out of a molehill pc types here is the WHOLE interview. cate blanchett is clearly having an incredibly good time in another stupid interview and this guy is genuinely playful and funny but really it’s cate who keeps it funny and she doesn’t walk off he does and it’s not awkward – so there!

and btw – she’s quite good in the movie but they only give her one or two big scenes (which are the best) but meanwhile this disney doll and dress selling cinderella does it’s best to be the most boring version ever. directed by the consumer product division using the psuedonym “sir kenneth branagh” this movie is old fashioned and pc at the same time missing the whole transformative concept of cinderella and a lot more. and critics – if i can throw in another dig – are afraid to really rip it to shreds…i wonder why? fear of fawning teenage girls. don’t you realized they are more upset by the firing of zayn malik of one division or dimension or direction or whatever it is? that’s

The spell has been broken on Cate Blanchett’s interview on The Project.

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