Cinderella, Ever After (And After, And After, And After)

irritating “on point” on npr about cinderella. further i have to say tom ashbrook was being particularly obtuse and dismissive of the criticism of the movie and disney as if that sugar and pink is just fine and you were all spoiling some tea party without a lick of respect for the juggernaut of banality. that even for disney was more banal than ever before. in fact i’d bet the word came down from consumer products with strict guidelines on what to see and show. and not to make jokes or snicker. it was like watching some of the old time mattel commericals where they animated the toys and sold them as television series. peggy charren is rolling in her grave. maybe she’ll thrust her hand up from down there and strangle this cinderella for all of us.

Cinderella is back again, Disney-style. We’ll look at the origins of the Cinderella story.


the sloth is coming….hey santa barbarians…the sloth is coming to state street and brasil arts cafe and a few stops inbetween…and then there’s earthday! come meet him!
‘the sloth is coming….hey santa barbarians…the sloth is coming to state street and brasil arts cafe and a few stops inbetween…and then there’s earthday! come meet him!’

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Riding the White Line

yeah i’d like to see him do this after a few shots of tequila!

Rider Michal Kollbek ridding the White Line in Sedona, AZ. Filmed by Marshall Mullen

An Open Letter to 47 Republican Senators of the United States of America From Iran’s Hard-Liners

what great job the 47 republicans did at making the iranian government look good! that must have been what they had in mind! diabolical those crafty repubs in the senate!

March 11, 2015 Dear senators: Thank you for your letter of March 9 explaining your system of government. We were unfamiliar with the complexity of your laws. For three years we have been negotiating a nuclear energy agreement with your president. We now realize our mistake. As your letter makes…


now this is a sesame street i can relate to.

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San Diego Zoo breaks out yam cake for gorilla’s 1st birthday

i’d be happy with a yam pie for my bday but that’s just

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A baby gorilla who had to be delivered through an emergency cesarean section and had some rocky early days has celebrated her first birthday at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The scene was less cheerful a year ago when Joanne had to spend her first 11 days in a veterinary hospital with…

Sigma Alpha Epsilon shuts down U. of Oklahoma chapter after racist video –

this is the interesting fraternity story the shallow outraged news reports are – not – pursuing. i promise you every song – including this racist one with it’s lynching era lyrics – is traceable. folklorists do this kind of work all the time. songs do not arise out of nowhere. with proper research they could find out a lot more about where this song came from, how long it’s been in the fraternity and where it’s origins are and in what era. at the same time simply outing racism on tape is not as important as outing racism in everyday life, voting laws and police enforcement.

A fraternity fraught with scandal quickly shut down a chapter in Oklahoma when a video surfaced that showed members singing a racist chant with the n-word.

Iran Offers to Mediate Talks Between Republicans and Obama – The New Yorker

borowitz is always funny for some reason this one doesn’t seem so funny despite the set up. the more this letter by the republicans is discussed the more it’s clear that it utterly proves how politically and culturally ignorant prejudice and willfully destructive these senators are. They are looking for the end of days I assume – these guys are going to take us all to hell if we let them. This isn’t a mere opinion or disagreement.

Stating that “their continuing hostilities are a threat to world peace,” Iran offered to host talks between congressional Republicans and President Obama.

Boomer Model-Cindy Joseph

i’m posting this as a tribute to anne kreamer (see her author’s fb page) who understood this long before anyone else did. me personally i’ve always thought gray was hot

Cindy Joseph, a top model for Ford Models at age 59, refuses to color her flowing gray hair or rely on cosmetic surgery to look younger. As more advertisers …

Here is Elizabeth Warren’s new plan to tackle the student loan debt crisis

you go elizabeth warren! we need to stop this. the biggest travesty affection a generation of 87 million people – predatory student loans – there needs to be a massive adjustment. it’s bad for our economy and bad for the next generation who will be running this country.

The Massachusetts senator says the Department of Education is neglecting its duty to alleviate student debt.