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Did you see that Being Audrey Hepburn is on this list:

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Coming soon: An American ‘Black Mirror?’

Coal to Newcastle? Snow to Eskimos lets export the twilight zone format to the USA where Rod Serling invented it. Maybe Charlie Brooker could make an episode out of that.

There is interest in remaking the British anthology series “Black Mirror” for an American audience, but for now the company that owns the show isn’t saying much about it.

“The Perfect Getaway” (Extended) with Pierce Brosnan | Kia Sorento Big Game XLIX Official Commercial

i like pierce bronsan. i just do. and this ad.

The 2016 Kia Sorento has been completely redesigned. It’s bigger, more refined, and more capable than ever before. With 290 horsepower and all-wheel drive, i…


more krp

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Rick Remender does it again. An awesome series.

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kim reierson | Water

intense photographer – kim reierson – digs into her subjects with her camera in a way i haven’t quite seen. you might like it.

#KimsDataStash | T-Mobile Commercial

okay she’s gross right? i mean…really right?

Kim Kardashian West has an important message for everyone about unused data. Stop letting your carrier take back those unused megs & gigs at the end of each …


the sad lonely life of a boston yeti….all that snow and no one to play with.

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Something out of ‘Alien': Rare frilled shark caught off Australian coast –

name this muppet! what would you call this guy?

yeah i know they say it’s a shark but ok come on do they really think we’re going to buy this? i know a muppet when i see one!

It looks like something out of “Alien,” but has more in common with “Jurassic Park.”

More Zoey Deutch!

zoey deutch very audrey don’t you think she’d be a great lisbeth? if you’re read the book let me know who you think would be the best actress to play lisbeth.

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