“I Liked This Clear Firefox Phone Better On Clarissa Explains It All”

Clarissa Explains It All Clear 90s Phone Gizmodo

“Just a few days ago, Japan released a designer, see-through, golden Firefox phone for Japanese consumers to place lovingly under their Christmas trees. And sure, why wouldn’t you—just look how pretty. And see-through!” – Gizmodo

What do you think of this clear Clarissa-esque phone reboot?

everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the trajectory and dynamics of spit.

Archerfish sketch Wired Spit“Archerfish are incredible creatures. They lurk under the surface of the water in rivers and seas, waiting for an insect to land on the plants above. Then, suddenly, and with unbelievable accuracy, they squirt out a stream of water that strikes down the insect.” – Wired

Creepy cool.

10 Gifts That Will Make Audrey Hepburn Fans Swoon!

Looking for last minute gifts for Audrey Hepburn fans? This BuzzFeed list will help guide the way!

Buzzfeed Christmas list


What are your favorite Audrey Hepburn items?  Did you get a special Audrey gift this holiday season?  Hoping to open something Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired tomorrow morning?  Tell us!  And check out our dedicated Audrey gift Pinterest board for more ideas and to share yours!

Pinterest screenshot


Oh the shade of it all!