What made ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ so innovative and why creators have to be fearless


“There’s always over-saturation [in entertainment]. That’s a little bit like saying there are 5000 people that applied for this grant. The truth is, a creator has to have self-confidence. I don’t know why you would bother if you didn’t and if you don’t, you shouldn’t tell anybody and just pretend like you do. My big rant is that if you create something, you need to really go for it and feel like you’re invulnerable — because why shouldn’t you? It’s everyone else that needs to figure out what they want to do. You’re competing with the good people, and you really ought to see yourself that way.”

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In Search of the Dark Watchers: Review

It was a pleasure to review this new book – a collaboration between Thomas Steinbeck and Benjamin Brode – for the Santa Barbara Independent.


They live in the misty hillsides of Big Sur. The early Spanish explorers and Mexican ranchers and their vaqueros who followed, called them “Los Vigilantes Oscuros.” The Dark Watchers, as they came to be known, are migratory beings, possessed of incredible hearing and impeccable eyesight. Like crows they can sense the presence of gun oil and the smell of plastics and weatherproof coatings, therefore they are immune to high-tech detection and only reveal themselves to trekkers simply equipped with sticks and hats. Who or what the Watchers are, no one knows. Where they came from and where they go is a mystery. They leave without a footprint.

Discover their meaning in an exquisite new book that is part adventure, part history, part legend, filled with illuminating sketches and lavish oil paintings that are flush with mystery, shadow, and light. In the process you may learn more than you ever expected about the legendary Dark Watchers as well as the origins of landscape painting itself.

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I loved talking to you about life, TV and the creative process.  You can read the live-tweeted version of Friday night’s Q&A on Twitter, hashtag #MitchellExplains.

Being Audrey Hepburn: The Poster

Ever wanted to know which classic screen stars Audrey Hepburn drew inspiration from?  Or which of today’s leading ladies embody that certain Audrey-ness we still treasure?  What about a statistical breakdown of what made Audrey Audrey?  Well, you don’t have to wish any longer. If you’ll drop us your email we’ll send you a hi rez version of this! Just sign up via the form on the home page.Medium-poster1-300x442


Reflections In a Black Mirror

on a serious note – my essay in the Los Angeles Review of Books
definitely my .02 cents. maybe .04.


Would Audrey Have Been a Better Peter Pan?

Audrey vs Allison as Peter Pan
Whatever you think of Brian Williams daughter from Girls playing Peter Pan – did you know that George Cuckor was supposed to direct Audrey Hepburn as Peter Pan? Imagine Audrey as Peter talking to Wendy with the Lost Boys fighting Captain Hook. Disney did everything they could to stop the orphanage granting the rights.


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