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Infographic: The Mystery of The Little Black Dress

the mystery of the little black dress

Morrissey Covers Moon River

“Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.”


Finding Your Perfect Audrey Hepburn Shopping Spot (Here in NYC!)


Have you ever watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s or another Audrey Hepburn movie and thought, “I just want to be Audrey Hepburn for a day! So where on earth can I find beautiful, elegant clothes like hers? ”

I’ve totally had the same thoughts. And well we can’t all shop at expensive Fifth Avenue stores, so I scoured the streets of NYC looking for Audrey’s signature style and these are the stores I found – you might be able to find some of these stores in your town too!

In Mid-Lower Manhattan:

  • Century 21 – across from the World Trade Center this is a bargain shop with designer labels like Stella McCartney, Kay Unger, Nicole Miller, and Diane Von Furstenberg. If you’re in the market for a signature Audrey LBD this is certainly the place for you.
  • Oak – is a cutting edge retailer offering women’s and men’s designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. Inside they have a ton of black turtlenecks just like the one Audrey wore in Funny Face.
  • Tory Burch –  If you’re looking for preppy-boho styled clothing, shoes, and accessories that Audrey might wear, Tory Burch is the place to be. Her designs are award-winning and recognized for their appearances in Gossip Girl.

In Brooklyn:

  • ALTER – in between Greenpoint Avenue and Milton Street is a fantastic women’s (and men’s) boutique. Audrey would love their selection of affordable, new and used vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • Wolves Within – is sure to release your inner Hepburn. Founded in 2011 by Bethany and Max Vogel as a seasonal pop-up store, these styles will keep you on your toes. Filled with apparel, accessories, and artwork made by local artists, this boutique always places emphasis on Made in USA and Fair Trade practices.
  • Steven Alan – fashion icons like Natalie Portman and Mary-Kate Olsen already know these designs are Audrey approved; Alan’s designs and collections are beautiful, timeless masterpieces. (So Audrey!)

Of course these are only a few NYC stores that you can find Audrey’s fashionable style. Do you already know the 5 Ways to Boost Audrey Hepburn Into Your Closet? Because maybe you have everything you need already!

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Give Back Like a Movie Star (Even If You’re Not Angelina Jolie)!


Sure it’s easy to donate if you make 20 million a movie. Look at J. Law, Angelina Jolie, and Taylor Swift. All these women are in the limelight not just for their acting chops but also for their amazing humanitarian efforts. And they’re all walking in Audrey’s footsteps. Audrey Hepburn was one of the first celebrities to donate her time back to charity.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity or a movie star to give back like one. Even if you don’t have any money there are plenty of ways you can help out your local community. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate your used Mac or PC, donate old clothes, read to the visually impaired. There are all sort of things you can do and it feels good, it’s valuable and it helps others, and (no joke!) neuroscientists say gratitude makes you healthier and live longer!

Here are five organizations that you can donate your time to:

  1. Kiwanis International – Audrey would have loved to volunteer at a local chapter of Kiwanis because they focus on changing the world one child at a time. Kiwanis clubs are all over the world and each club caters to the local community because each community’s needs are different. So check out the local Kiwanis location near you to see what projects might interest you.
  2. Boys and Girls Club – with so many programs – education, health, arts, and sports – to name a few, there are so many different ways for you to get involved. I could totally see a young Audrey spending an afternoon here reading a Dr. Seuss book to children.
  3. Big Brother/Big Sister – just because you don’t have a brother or a sister doesn’t mean you can’t be one to someone else! (And even if you do have a brother or sister already maybe you can get lucky and find a better one through this program. Just kidding Ryan! Love ya:) Anyways just by doing everyday activities like hiking, playing sports, and music you can really improve a child’s attitude and outlook on life.
  4. St. Jude’s Hospital – donating money isn’t the only thing hospitals need. Whether it’s donating blood, time, or energy, St. Jude’s is a great organization dedicated to caring and finding cures for children cancer and they could use your help. Just check out your local St. Jude’s to see what help you might be able to give.
  5. Child Abuse Prevention Center – if you’re looking for volunteer hours for a class or something, the CAPC offers internships in a number of programs. You could work with toddlers, visit young children, or counsel teens or their parents.

Just remember that no matter how you want to donate your time, there is an organization out there for you. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a millionaire to make a difference.

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